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Providing Complete Medical Billing Services to Physicians, Clinics and Healthcare Providers.


We are a professional Medical Billing Service and Revenue Cycle Management Company dedicated to helping Healthcare providers with multiple specialties, to increase their cash flow and manage their practices or businesses more efficiently by meeting their Medical Billing and collection needs.

Our specialty is claims processing and collections. We find solutions to speed up our collection process, thereby reducing the time it takes to get reimbursement from insurance companies and patients. We tailor our services to the needs of our Providers with quick turnaround time. We have experienced and trained staffs that manages each account with high professionalism and efficiency to get the desired result.

From claims processing, AR follow up, payment posting, appealing claims, mailing statements, answering Patients billing issues etc. We are experienced in a lot of EMR systems, and you don’t need to change your EMR system.

  • We are dependable

  • We are experienced

  • We are efficient

  • HIPPA Compliant/ Meet regulations

  • We are affordable

We implement the most stringent HIPAA Privacy and Security safeguards for Protected Health Information data throughout the revenue cycle management. We offer short contracts, if you don’t get the desire results after six months of engaging our services, you can terminate the contract. Call us at 1800-589-5593.

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