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Providing Complete Medical Billing Services to Physicians, Clinics and Healthcare Providers.


We are a professional Medical Billing Service and Revenue Cycle Management Company dedicated to helping Healthcare providers with multiple specialties, to increase their cash flow and manage their practices or businesses more efficiently by meeting their Medical Billing and collection needs.

Our specialty is claims processing and collections. We find solutions to speed up our collection process, thereby reducing the time it takes to get reimbursement from insurance companies and patients. We tailor our services to the needs of our Providers with quick turnaround time. We have experienced and trained staffs that manages each account with high professionalism and efficiency to get the desired result.

From claims processing, AR follow up, payment posting, appealing claims, mailing statements, answering Patients billing issues etc. We are experienced in a lot of EMR systems, and you don’t need to change your EMR system.

  • We are dependable

  • We are experienced

  • We are efficient

  • HIPPA Compliant/ Meet regulations

  • We are affordable

We implement the most stringent HIPAA Privacy and Security safeguards for Protected Health Information data throughout the revenue cycle management. We offer short contracts, if you don’t get the desire results after six months of engaging our services, you can terminate the contract. Call us at 1800-589-5593.

Maximizing Revenue and Efficiency: Anchor Healthcare Services

Welcome to Anchor Healthcare Services; we understand the unique challenges small medical practices face in the USA. We focus on providing tailored solutions and specialize in medical billing services for healthcare professionals, ensuring optimal revenue management and operational efficiency. Whether you're in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Cardiology, or any other specialty, we're here to support your practice's success.

Medical billing services are vital for small practices to ensure financial stability and operational efficiency. With limited resources, small practices often need help managing billing processes effectively. Outsourcing these services to professionals like Anchor Healthcare Services ensures accurate claim submissions, timely reimbursements, and compliance with ever-changing regulations. This maximizes revenue and allows healthcare professionals to focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks; medical billing services streamline operations, reduce errors, and contribute to the overall success of small practices.

Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

Running a small medical practice has hurdles, especially when managing finances. At Anchor Healthcare Services, we alleviate the burden by offering comprehensive medical billing services for small practices in the USA. Our team is well-versed in navigating the complexities of medical billing, ensuring accurate claims submissions and timely reimbursements.

Emergency Medicine Critical Care Billing

In the fast-paced environment of Emergency Medicine Critical Care, every minute counts. At Anchor Healthcare Services, we understand the urgency of accurate billing and coding in such situations. Our team is equipped to handle emergency medicine critical care billing complexities, ensuring prompt reimbursement for vital services provided during crucial moments.

Family Medicine Billing

Family Medicine practitioners are crucial in providing comprehensive healthcare to individuals and families. Our dedicated team at Anchor Healthcare Services specializes in Family Medicine billing, allowing practitioners to focus on patient care while we handle the intricacies of billing and coding. With our expertise, you can maximize revenue and streamline administrative tasks effortlessly.

Medical Coding Outsourcing Services

Efficient medical coding is essential for proper billing and reimbursement. However, staying updated with changing coding regulations can take time and effort. Anchor Healthcare Services offers medical coding outsourcing services, allowing practices to offload this responsibility to our experienced coders. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can trust that your coding needs are in expert hands.

Cardiology Medical Billing and Coding

Due to the complex nature of cardiovascular procedures and treatments, cardiology practices require specialized billing and coding expertise. At Anchor Healthcare Services, we have a dedicated team with extensive experience in cardiology, medical billing, and coding. From diagnostic tests to interventional procedures, we ensure accurate coding and maximum reimbursement for cardiology services.

Empowering Your Practice

Anchor Healthcare Services is your trusted partner in maximizing revenue and efficiency for your small medical practice in the USA. With our tailored solutions and personalized approach, we alleviate the administrative burden, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional patient care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your practice's success.

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