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We provide services to Healthcare Providers in the United States. We have been in the business for the past 10 years, meeting the billing and collection needs of doctors, physicians, clinics, outpatient and Inpatients, durable equipment provider (DME), Health healthcare agencies and others.

We are a one stop shop for Healthcare Providers Billing needs and Solution.

  • We are dependable

  • We are experienced

  • We are efficient

  • HIPPA Compliant/ Meet regulations

  • We are affordable

Who we are?

  • We are a professional RCM Company

  • We provide Medical Billing Services to Healthcare Providers.

  • Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual and small group practices.

  • We carefully balance our clients base to ensure each client and their billing needs are met with undivided attention

  • Our primary goal is to make sure your cash flow is steady and to protect your bottom line by meeting your expectations.

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